Saturday, 17 November 2012

UKIP If You Want To

UKIP is not really a party. By its own admission, it is purely a pressure group to turn the Conservatives into some fantasy version of their past.

It is critical of the EU, although financially dependent on it, but it is perfectly happy with American domination, Israeli interference, kowtowing to the Gulf monarchs, and subordination to global money markets and to global media moguls, all of which are at least as serious assaults on our, and of course everyone else's, sovereignty. It is therefore very much in succession to the Thatcher Government. Except that it is critical of the EU.

UKIP is run out of the office of a Conservative MP, Chris Heaton-Harris, whose continued receipt of the Conservative Whip demonstrates that this is all part of the Cameron Plan. Would a UKIP MP, or an elected Delingpole, also have it? Why ever not, if Heaton-Harris does?

In fact, in the person of Heaton-Harris (doubtless among numerous others), such is already effectively the case. But not within the Eurosceptical sixth of Conservative MPs, less numerous than the Lib Dems. Rather, at the very heart of Cameronism.

Anti-Cameron UKIP voters are being played. This comes as no surprise to those of us who are used to right-wing small local parties and "Independents". Who do you think pays for them, and therefore directs their activity?

See also James Delingpole, run out of the same office as UKIP. That whole story was utterly jaw-dropping. Yet, paradoxically, no one was remotely surprised.

And see the 12 such "Independents" who have been elected as Police and Crime Commissioners, plus the numerous others who were unsuccessful.


  1. But left-wing Independents the local Labour Party won't even oppose are all right, David?

  2. The Traditional Unionist Voice Conference was held today.
    Founded by Jim Allister who was a Euro MEP for DUP until 2009.
    Interestingly UKIP were guests at the Conference.
    Joint TUV-UKIp candidate for Euros?
    Almost certainly.

  3. The work of Paul Nuttall MEP, a classic Liverpool Catholic. Funny old world.

    UKIP tried to link up with the UKUP at one time, too.