Tuesday, 13 November 2012

One Laws For One

No jury has passed judgement on David Laws. On the contrary, he is back attending Cabinet.

The naked partisanship of this whole business has been, and remains, absolutely disgraceful. It ought not to be forgotten after 2015.


  1. It surprised me that Laws never faced charges. There are former MPs who are jailed for stealing less amounts of money. More amazing still is his return to cabinet.

  2. On the contrary, a jury has passed judgement on David Laws. Mr Cameron and his ilk in cabinet have passed their own judgement and given him their stamp of approval. In doing so they have, once again, indicated their contempt for the law of the land, and poured scorn on the opinions of the electorate, as they are doing now with homosexual 'marriage', the EU, etc, etc.
    I cast my first vote in the 1960s and have seen the gap between the rulers and the ruled widen with every election until it is now a chasm. What is worse is the fact that the politicians nowadays don't even bother to hide their scorn.
    Denis McShane should have consulted David Laws on how to manage his financial affairs and he would still be in a job.