Saturday, 17 November 2012

Uphill Gardiner

Matters over on Nile Gardiner's Telegraph Blog are utterly hilarious. Beyond hilarious, in fact. "Obama is a Kenyan-born Marxist Islamist." "There are no Palestinians (but we still need to kill them all)." "Israel First." "Healthcare is Communism." "The red states [and even some blue ones, in case you hadn't noticed] should and will secede." Standard stuff below the line over there, of course. But they are echoing the views of the blogger himself. Yet the newspaper that was once the Daily Telegraph gives house room, and probably even a salary or at least plenty of fees, to this person. Utterly hilarious. Beyond hilarious, in fact.

Ho, hum. The entire Romney team, even the entire remnant (such as there is) of the Republican Party, is now looking for anything very much to do. Who else could be given a spot by dear old Auntie Mabel? Dick Morris? Karl Rove? Richard Mourdock, defeated by a pro-life Democrat even though Indiana switched from blue to red in the Presidential Election? Paul "Ayn Rand" Ryan, who did not even bother to stand down from his Congressional seat, so well did even he understand that he was never going to be Vice-President? Newt "Moon Colony" Gingrich? Walid "Kill A Palestinian And You Will Enter Heaven" Phares? (In that case, of course, there must in fact be any Palestinians, as such, to kill.) One of those secession advocates who are apparently now springing up?

None of those holds views any more bizarre than those of Nile Gardiner. Or, to put it another way, Nile Gardiner holds views no less bizarre than any of theirs. Yet the newspaper that was once the Daily Telegraph gives house room, and probably even a salary or at least plenty of fees, to this person. Utterly hilarious. Beyond hilarious, in fact.


Anonymous said...

As you no doubt know and are flying a kite for, there is plenty of plotting afoot over there. You are right, that site is now far beyond embarrassing.

If I may quote one of your comments, a reply to someone highly critical of you who nevertheless described Gardiner as "beneath [you] intellectually":

I wouldn't work for Thompson again for all the money in the world, never mind for free, and least of all in the light of more recent developments in the media. I shall be in the very long queue to dance on his grave.

But I have correctly predicted the last two American Presidential Elections, and I have correctly identified the electoral coalitions that delivered them.

Whereas Gardiner, who is probably being paid and that quite handsomely, has been side-splittingly wrong both about those results and about the reasons for them. He is not as discredited as Daley, but she seems to have had the good grace to disappear, at least for a while.

Unlike me, Gardiner wants to be above the line on here. But for the life of me, I cannot work out why he still is. Is it for a laugh?

Anonymous said...

How does the title of this post relate to Telegraph Blogs?

Anonymous said...

"More recent developments in the media"?

DT got rid of the much more interesting Gerald Warner when his expressions of the Carlist strain of Falangism got a bit too much and when he urged his readers in 2010 to vote for "alternative right-wing parties" as if Ukip were not the only one. Whatever could he have meant? But she is obviously being paid by some loony right Americans to give Gardiner a platform.

David Lindsay said...

Never mind the reams that I have not been able to put up in the last half-hour. And the emails. My word, this post has touched some nerves.

Keith said...

Phares could have trouble explaining how he used to be funded by Saddam Hussein. But it would be great fun reading his posts on the need to restore the Phoenician alphabet from before it was "defaced" by Arabic script. That man was nearly a key foreign policy advisor to the President of the United States.