Friday, 30 November 2012

Rotherham Roundup

UKIP still didn't win Rotherham. It has still never won a seat anywhere. Labour's share of the vote went up. The real story is that a party with five Cabinet Ministers came eighth. Quite who the six between it and the winner were is pretty much academic.

Yet, to take only one among many examples, since the General Election, Farage has been Question Time more often than anyone else apart from Vince Cable, who is a Cabinet Minister. Farage has been on more than all trade union leaders, with six million members, put together! Paul Nuttall has also been on twice. Not bad for never having won a seat.

The BNP beat Respect by only 26 votes. If either a win or a lost deposit had been involved, then that would have meant several recounts. As for postal votes, they are mostly old white people voting as they have always done. Yes, in Rotherham, that means Labour. What of it?

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