Saturday, 24 November 2012


May we please have Secret State's Tom Dawkins as the real Prime Minister?

He wants to run the nationalised banks in such  a way as to force them to lend to British businesses, underwritten by India instead the likes of the IMF and the World Bank.

He wants that to be in return for giving the Indians all necessary assistance in order to utilise their vast resources of coal so as to achieve full electrification. (And we could hardly support their utilisation of theirs if we were not also utilising ours, could we?)

And he wants to withdraw from all climate change agreements until that development has been achieved.

The money men are gearing up to stage A Very British Coup. In Chris Mullin's original, that was partly brought on by the proposed cancellation of nuclear power, to the fury of the relevant trade unions.

Tom Dawkins would never do anything either so anti-worker or so unpatriotic, not to say so downright stupid. He is obviously not supposed to be Old Labour, but I reckon that he is under the skin.

Bring him on.

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