Monday, 12 November 2012

Come On, Auntie, Give Us A FOOC

Much attention has been paid to Jake Wallis Simons's revelation that, in stark contrast to George Entwhistle's gargantuan pay-off, he himself is paid £140, almost exactly the license fee, each time that he contributes to the marvellous From Our Own Correspondent, one of my very favourite programmes on my beloved Radio Four.

Not that Simons seems to mind, or at any rate (so to speak) not too much. But there must be people who for that kind of money would cheerfully give Radio Four listeners an insight into the country about which the BBC knows least, indeed probably the only country on earth in the affairs of which it can claim little expertise. I think that you can all guess which one that it.

The BBC could surely find people the length and breadth of the Kingdom to contribute to something following the same format, also on twice each week and with an equally distinguished presenter. In the course of a year, all 100 or so would be used.

Likewise, how about a prime time television programme two or three times per week, in the weekly course of which would be run a story from each of the regional newsrooms?

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