Saturday, 24 November 2012

It's Over, Let It Go

What a year this is for half-centenaries. And right when the culture initiated by the likes of the first Beatles LP and the formation of the Rolling Stones is being exposed in all its vileness from the very start. As implemented, though not as set out in the Conciliar texts, the Second Vatican Council was as much to blame as anything else was.

Plenty of blame also attaches to this very day's Golden Jubilarian, That Was The Week That Was. Razzmatazz, ham-fisted gags, and, above all, privileged adolescent self-importance. That last has been particularly long-lasting. They were so anti-Establishment that they were given a show on the BBC in their early twenties. The only real joke in the entire "Satire Boom" of the early 1960s.

Nor let there be any suggestion that their coarse nihilism was in any way left-wing.  On the contrary, it contributed very significantly, as it still does, to a refusal to recognise the moral and practical capacity of civil and political institutions to identify and deliver the social democratic goods.

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