Thursday, 22 November 2012

And Fordham Men Will Do The Checking

Yes, you read aright. A favourable quotation from Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Having a Catholic ethos precludes giving either Ann Coulter or Peter Singer a platform.

The American Church, especially, is riven between "conservatives" who accept the Church's Teaching on bioethical and sexual matters while pretending not to know that the economic and foreign policies that they excoriate are in fact the Church's Teaching on justice and peace, and "liberals" who accept the Church's Teaching on justice and peace while excoriating that on most bioethical and most or all sexual matters.

Neither is any more orthodox than the other, and both echo the Americanist heresy. Since there are no new heresies, that was a manifestation of the same error that has presented itself at Byzantium in the eleventh century, in England in the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, in France and the Netherlands in the seventeenth century, in German-speaking Europe and the Hapsburg lands in the eighteenth century, and among the Croats of Croatia and of Bosnia-Herzegovina from the 1990s onwards.

The influence of each of these can still be felt, while there were and are several further examples. Both sides of neo-Americanism belong in that category.

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