Thursday, 8 November 2012

Contract Killing

G4S has lost its right to operate Her Majesty's Prison Wolds, which will now revert to public ownership.

Private prisons, indeed! What next, private police?

G4S is funding a candidate in every area at the elections for Police and Crime Commissioners.


  1. James from Durham9 November 2012 at 09:58

    Who are they funding in Durham?

  2. There's a Conservative, a UKIPper and an Independent (a former neighbour of mine, but this is politics). Could be any of them. Could be more than one. Vote Labour.

  3. There have been some stories of private prison corporations in the United States pressuring judges to convict people regardless of the evidence in order to gain more business. It is very tangible evidence of the corruption that privatization brings.

    Private prisons, much like private security firms, have a financial interest in keeping crime rates up, just as mercenaries like the Blackwater boys have an interest in keeping people at war.