Monday, 26 November 2012

Respecting Marriage

Imagine if Respect were to win on the back of a huge Muslim vote at Rotherham on Thursday; and what a pity that it could not have defeated MacShane in person at the General Election.

Or even if it were only to take a large enough proportion of the Labour vote to balance UKIP's devastation of the Conservatives'.

In either of those events, the extreme improbability that is the same-sex "marriage" legislation will become its absolute impossibility during the course of this Parliament.

Or of the next, when Labour, which has never had a formal policy in favour of it, will only ever have promised a free vote on a backbench amendment, or on a Private Member's Bill will no suggestion of Government Time, should there happen to be any such Quixotic proposal.

I have written in the past that Lee Jasper was not really very representative of black London. In any case, I am rather impressed by the Labour candidate at Croydon North, Steve Reed. But a good showing for Jasper, attributable to the organisational base of the black churches, would also be very, very good for Holy Matrimony.

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