Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Laugh Along With The Common People?

I am as sceptical about Common Purpose as I am about the Bilderberg Group, which stoops to having George Osborne in it.

But the latest edition of Private Eye exposes a right-wing answer to Common Purpose, under the aegis of which traditional Tories such as Roger Scruton and John Hayes are slumming it with the likes of Michael Gove, David Willetts, Matthew Elliott, Daniel Johnson, Janet Daley and Damian Thompson.

The country that spawned it has had the wit to cast out neoconservatism forever. But the thing has migrated east to the land of Cameron and to the city of Johnson. Where people who ought to know better are being drawn into its web.

But this is Fraser Nelson's, and with him The Spectator's, opportunity to declare once and for all whether he and it are paleocon or neocon. Which are they?

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