Thursday, 29 November 2012

Nightingale Should Sing

Not least about what the SAS was doing in Lebanon.

Probably the most complicated country in the world. Endlessly fascinating.

And in many ways exemplary to the region, at least until the side favoured by Saudi Arabia, Israel and their footmen stages its putsch.

But not somewhere in which there is any British national interest such as to be worth sending our boys to die there.


Anonymous said...

Interesting now that Miliband and Clegg have lined up as enemies of press freedom.

Nice to see John Rentoul over at the Independent picked up on the disgraceful piece of spin-doctoring by Leveson in denying he is bringing in "statutory regulation" but re-framing it as "statutory underpinning".

Mr Leveson is clearly wasted as a judge, he should have been a Downing Street spin-doctor.

300 years of the most free Press in the world, threatened as never before.

Let's hope Cameron holds his nerve.

David Lindsay said...

Rubbish. Get a grip.

And being owned by Murdoch was never much of a definition of "freedom", anyway. The press will be freer without him. As will we all.

Rogal Dorn said...

And you think giving politicians even more power will help "freedom"?

David Lindsay said...

By comparison, yes.

Rogal Dorn said...

By comparison?

By comparison, Pol Pot killed less people than Mao. Doesn't make it any more desirable.

David Lindsay said...

I am glad to see that we have found the level.

It is comical to watch you people's hysteria as you realise that the only politician who is still frightened of you is riding one of your horses.

Rogal Dorn said...

It's comical to watch people fall over themselves to give politicians even more power.

They already lock people up for making jokes on Facebook, HEY LET'S MAKE THEM MORE POWERFUL!

David Lindsay said...

That's judges.

Rogal Dorn said...

And who makes the rules they uphold?

David Lindsay said...

Would that it were that simple.