Sunday, 4 November 2012


Twice, Andrew Marr has just referred to the President of the United States as "The Boy".

As in Bill Clinton's words to Ted Kennedy, "That boy should be getting us coffee."

Bill Clinton, who originated the claim that "that boy" was ineligible to be President.


  1. No Hillary in 2016!

    We have taken back the party and now we must keep it. Whether the US Democratic Party or the UK Labour Party.

  2. I think it was more along the lines of how you can give the boy two Durham degrees and have his books endorsed by professors and peers. But he is still the erstwhile secretary of Derwentside District Labour Party, the protégé of people who read this blog regularly but had better not be named on it.

    Very evidently he still is, based on the posts on this blog yesterday and today, including this one. The last scene of the first Godfather film is hoving into view. When and where do we kiss your ring?

  3. As you yourself have written, Mr. Lindsay, for all the nuttiness in Christian Order, there is always something in it worth reading. This month that is the true story of how Clinton invented birtherism.

    His remark to Kennedy is in your second book, along with his annual Confederate wreath-laying while a governor. You brilliantly compare Tony Blair's hero and the father of the Third Way to George Wallace, with Hillary as Lurleen.

    But his invention of birtherism is not in it. Every day, something on here cries out for another edition incorporating additional material. Any chance? Please?

  4. I have thought not in the past, but never say never. The next one, probably two, would have to be out of the way first, though. But some time well into 2013? Who knows?

  5. The machines in Cook County and County Durham are not unlike each other. In your time you have been able to order a hit from a hospital operating table worthy of either of the Mayors Daley. No wonder the richly deserving victim is still psychotically obsessed with you. You are no public schoolboy.