Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sic Virescit Industria

Denis MacShane did valuable work against prostitution and against indecency in the media.

And he had, at least, the virtue of being honestly in favour of all of the assaults on British sovereignty, inseparable as they are among themselves: the EU, American hegemony, Israeli interference (time to revisit those Israeli Embassy press releases which he used to pretend were parliamentary reports), and so on. Including their imposition on the world by force of arms.

His fake think tank is the neocon norm. Liam Fox had his Atlantic Bridge. Policy Exchange, long ago exposed as a forgers' den, is really just a trading name of Michael Gove's office. And apart from pay its staff, what, exactly, does the Henry Jackson Society, a registered charity, do?

Now, both to continue MacShane's good work and to counteract his bad, which Blue Labour figure is going to be the candidate at the Rotherham by-election?

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  1. One local Labour lad who is possibly hitting the cat and cursing the wind is local councillor Mahroof Hussain.

    He's on Rotherham Council....and the shortlist for Middlesbrough....but he's VERY close to MacShane. Rubbed off guilt is the worst kind in politics.