Sunday, 4 November 2012

Gloves Off Against Mitt

Readers in the United States might be interested to know that, as at every Presidential Election since it became an issue, Republican Party officials appear regularly on the British broadcast media to denounce as "scaremongering" the slightest suggestion that a Republican President would seek to limit abortion in any way whatever. Roe v Wade is "precedent", and that is just that. Such is the official, stated view of the GOP, as such.

Does that sit uneasily with Romney's Mormon bishopric? Not really. Mormons seem to be a liberalising force even within the Republican Party, and at least a large proportion of them are clearly Democrats, anyway. Harry Reid is in fact quite conservative compared with Romney, who enacted in Massachusetts the taxpayer-funded abortion that Obama did not enact nationwide, and who through Bain Capital was and remains a personal profiteer from abortion.

Romney's Mormonism would be a major issue for Evangelicals if they thought for one moment that he might win. That it isn't proves conclusively that they don't, not even for one moment. There will soon be more Mormons than (mostly very secular) Jews in the United States. Half the population of Las Vegas, sending all those tithes back across state lines to Salt Lake City, meets the people who control Hollywood and the pornography industry.

Many, perhaps most, of Romney's foreign policy advisers are dual American-Israeli citizens. If Nile Gardiner is still a British passport-holder, then one really does have to wonder both why he still wants one and why we still let him have one, as well as pointing out that, as a former Thatcher staffer, he would be arrested if he ever returned to this country, as at least an accessory to one or both of mass murder at Hillsborough and mass sexual abuse of children all over the place; policy on East Asia and elsewhere would seem to be rather informed by Gardiner's Unificationism, just as Mormonism, no less than big business, lies behind the desire to give "Lamanites" unhindered entry to the United States.

And then there is Walid Phares, erstwhile militia commander in the Lebanese Forces, and adherent to its irredentist faction which refused to follow General Aoun into the present coalition, instead participating, like the Phalange, in the Salafi-led alliance on behalf of which Israel, with her cheerful Salafi parliamentarians and cities and with her Sharia law for anyone born into certain ethnic minorities, is co-operating with Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in attempting to stage a putsch in Lebanon. Doubtless to be joined by Romney's America in that mercifully improbable event.

From 1980s Afghanistan to Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Xinjiang, Turkey, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, putatively Syria, in the form of Jundullah in relation to Iran, and now also Lebanon, with a beady eye needing to be kept on Egypt: there is no closer, nor any more ruthless or more vicious, military partnership on earth than that between the neoconservatives and the Wahhabi and Salafi. Under Romney, the neocons would be back with a vengeance, subsuming those traitors to Christian Lebanon who in any case always modelled themselves on the European Fascism of the 1930s and adhered, as they still do, to the bizarre racial theory of Phoenicianism which, among much else, accounted for their violent hostility towards the ancient indigenous Christians further south. One such racist terrorist godfather, now in league with the Salafi while pretending on Fox to be their blood enemy, is Walid Phares. He is the Co-Chairman of the Middle East Advisory Group to Mitt Romney.

Thank God that it is not going to happen.


  1. Not taken down over on Telegraph Blogs, not even the bit about Gardiner. We are winning. Slowly but surely.

  2. As when the Catholic Herald, which in the past had taken down my comments pointing out that its then Editor-in-Chief had employed the late Kit Cunningham in the full knowledge that he was a sexual predator on boys, recently stopped doing so and started leaving those comments to stand on its site for all the world to see.

  3. As you will know but some of your readers may not, Phares's World Lebanese Organisation was still providing a platform for Etienne Saqr long after the activities of his Guardians of the Cedars had forced his exile to Israel. Even the U.S. Congress has to admit that the Guardians of the Cedars are a terrorist organisation and even Rep. Peter King had to drop Phares from his hearings on Muslim radicalisation. Yet Phares is on course for a senior position in the foreign policy team of a President Romney. Chilling, absolutely chilling.

  4. Thankfully, Romney is not going to win. But at least if he did and then gave a position to Phares, Middle America might ask, "What do you mean, an Arab Christian?" Admittedly, Phares, like Saqr, denies being an Arab. Yes, a man whose name is Saqr denies being an Arab. But with any luck, Middle America would laugh in Phares's very Arab face on that score.

    The former Senator George Mitchell is also a Maronite, but he takes his name from his Irish-American father who was adopted by a Lebanese family after he was orphaned; his mother, however, was Lebanese. Even Mitchell's time as Senate Majority Leader and then his role in the Northern Ireland Peace Process do not seem to have made even the Irish Catholic section of Middle America any more aware of the ancient indigenous Christians of the Middle East. But then, his name is Mitchell.