Saturday, 31 October 2020

The Seven Year Itch?

When, exactly, did Keir Starmer join the Labour Party? At least this time round, it cannot have been any earlier than 2013, when he ceased to be the Director of Public Prosecutions. 

He must therefore have been selected as the candidate for a safe parliamentary seat immediately upon having signed up, and he became Leader within five years of that. 

In my day, unless you were on the MP's staff or you were related to existing Councillors, then you would not have been nominated for a District Council seat with a mere seven years of party membership to your name. 

Like Starmer's appointment as DPP when he had never prosecuted a criminal case, it is all very spooky. But you do not have to choose between this and Boris Johnson. 

For example, I am a declared and active Independent candidate for North West Durham at the next General Election. Please give generously.

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