Saturday, 24 October 2020

Rayner On The Radar

We have always known who were the real snowflakes, and the real pioneers and practitioners of cancel culture. 

Jeremy Corbyn, who is not a humourless man, must be laughing himself hoarse at the 100 Conservative MPs who have complained about Angela Rayner. 

They remind me of the people who went bananas about the extremely light policing of the Countryside March. Some of them are still going on about that. 

What a thing it must be to be used to being able to sack or evict everyone else in the room, and to being able to do a lot worse than that to anyone who remotely resembled Angela Rayner. 

But a letter of this kind could only have been organised by the Whips. Why does the Government want a different Deputy Leader of the Labour Party? And who does it want instead?

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