Thursday, 29 October 2020

Serious Failings, An Inadequate Process

And so a report is welcomed by its authors, namely a Hertfordshire golf club, a front organisation for what little remains of the Conservative Party in the London of which Boris Johnson was a two-term Mayor not very long ago, the Israeli Embassy acting as a fake charity, and the Israeli Embassy acting as a goon squad on the streets of London by, among other things, following black men home.

The cheers are being led by a "Jewish Labour Movement" that was recently revived after decades of dormancy purely in order to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn by framing all support for him as anti-Semitic by definition, and then, by the same means, to turn the Labour Party into a vehicle for upscale New York hard liberalism, free of proles, darkies, and the Red Wall. Step forward, Keir Starmer.

Flanked, sometimes literally, by a "strictly protect" CIA informant who lost her seat last year, and by a tax-avoiding squillionaire who has hated Corbyn ever since he stood up to her over the rampant child abuse in Islington's children's homes when she was the Leader of the Council. Marc Wadsworth needs to declare today that he will contest any seat that Ruth Smeeth did. Margaret Hodge's opponent at the polls needs to be either Jackie Walker or Tony Greenstein.

That report's recommendations will be implemented in full, promises the man who made that promise before the report had been published, or even officially completed. He himself is now a hit and run fugitive, and he leads a party that cannot pull ahead of the worst Government in living memory, yet he is being taken entirely seriously as some kind of statesman. Kittens are being had all over the place at the revelation that the administrative life of a political party can be a bit political.

While it has been writing up this dictated report and then sitting on it in an attempt to give the illusion of activity, what else has the Equality and Human Rights Commission been doing? What a paragon of equality and human rights this country must be, that such a body has had nothing else to do for nearly two years. There are countries where it takes a footballer, not quite 23, to get the hungry children fed. How grateful the EHRC, and indeed the Labour Party, must be, that they do not live in a place like that. 

Or somewhere where the principal Opposition party operated a hierarchy of race under the Leadership of a former Director of Public Prosecutions who could not bring himself to mention either the Windrush scandal or the fire at Grenfell Tower, never mind the Forde Inquiry into racism among the party's staff, an Inquiry that he had effectively killed off. 

A Leader who presided over the victimisation of black women MPs, who had dismissed Black Lives Matter as a "moment", who had identified with those who had taken selfies alongside the bodies of black murder victims, who had replaced Diane Abbott with an all-white Shadow Home Office team that had repeatedly been outflanked on the left by Priti Patel, who had promoted Jess Phillips, who had rejected self-determination for Kashmir, who had indicated his view of self-determination for the Chagos Islands by revelling in his role in the torture of Julian Assange, who had refused to bring charges in relation to the death of Jean Charles de Menezes (or in relation to the death of Ian Tomlinson), and who had failed to oppose the early lifting of the lockdown despite the far higher risk of Covid-19 to people of colour.

Any Labour candidate at the next General Election would at least have to pretend to believe that that Leader ought to become Prime Minister. I am a declared and active Independent candidate for North West Durham, where the right-wing Labour machine's latest, yet probably stale, product really is going to believe that. Please give generously.

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