Thursday, 29 October 2020

Community? Security? Trust?

Live on air, it is time to ask anyone from the Board of Deputies, or the Jewish Leadership Council, or the Campaign Against Antisemitism, or the Community Security Trust, under what circumstances they would ever consider voting Labour in the future, and when, exactly, they had ever voted Labour in the past. Well, there you are, then.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism is the Israeli Embassy's fake charity, and it is now turning its guns on a further 14 Labour MPs. This all rather recalls Jimmy Goldsmith's lawfare against Private Eye, or the management style of Don Arden, or the bombardment of entire West Bank towns if they produce a single stone-throwing youth. Those of us who have dealt with the Crown Prosecution Service, which of course has produced Keir Starmer, will be accustomed to this un-Englishness. 

And look at the list, which includes Diane Abbott, Tahir Ali, Apsana Begum, Afzal Khan, and Zarah Sultana. From cheating Hollywood executives, to New York slumlords, to the IDF, to the dominant liberal Right of London politics and the media, their victims tend to have something strikingly in common. You can be as light-skinned mixed-race as I am, and have a name like David Alexander Stephen Lindsay, but still get it from the CPS in league with the present Leadership of Durham County Council.

I am a declared and active Independent candidate for North West Durham at the next General Election. Either the present Leader of Durham County Council will be the Labour candidate, or he is afraid to face me. Please give generously.

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