Thursday, 29 October 2020

Swapped Details?

The Police have flatly denied Keir Starmer's claim that an Officer was present when he left the scene of his traffic accident. He has committed a criminal offence. Does someone have to report him for him to be arrested? In 10 hours' time, plenty of people will have cause to do that.

Then again, about today's theatrics from the EHRC, nobody cares. Well, nobody who would ever have voted Labour in a million years, anyway. Out will be wheeled the Board of Deputies, who are all as screamingly obviously Tories as Jeremy Corbyn would screamingly obviously be a left-winger even if you had no idea who he was. 

Whoever appeared today from that, or from the Jewish Leadership Council (which is direct Conservative Party astroturfing), or whatever, try and imagine that person voting Labour under any circumstances. Try and imagine them voting anything other than Conservative in their lives. Well, there you are, then.

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