Friday, 23 October 2020

The East Pole

Poland is already on the Belt and Road. Being on that has nothing to do with liking the Chinese Government. It has to do with disliking one's own poverty, and with being determined to do something about it.

If we choose to stay off it, and to eschew economic realignment with the BRICS and other emerging economies in general, then we choose to stay poor. If you do not choose to stay poor, then please give generously.


  1. Exactly. It's not like China puts bombs on our streets like Saudi Arabia. Did you know there are more mosques in Xinjiang than in the whole of America? We'd arrest the terrorists there if they turned up here but only after we'd trained and armed them first via Saudi.

    1. Indeed. Do the Uyghurs have it easy? I doubt it. But beyond that, the sources are the same ones that said that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And those of us who have been campaigning against what remains the United Kingdon's financial support for the Chinese population control programme forever, for nearly 30 years in my own case, are deeply, deeply, deeply unimpressed by these johnny-come-latelies, who in any case have no proposal to end that support.

  2. Not to be outdone, US is building a road from the Baltic port of Gdansk to the Black Sea port of Constanța in Romania. Just thought you should know. It feels like battle lines are being drawn.