Friday, 23 October 2020

Made Available

From the Conservative council that covers Boris Johnson's constituency: "Hillingdon Council will be offering free school meals to eligible children during the half-term holiday. Full details of the scheme and how to claim will be made available on Monday."

Hillingdon Council, which David Simmonds off the telly is still on, will not have embarrassed Johnson like this. This will have been approved by Downing Street, as a way of trailing central government's concession of this issue. Marcus Rashford is a remarkable example of what you can achieve if you have no idea what the rules are.

The Conservative council in Darlington has done this. Even one of the North East's faded jewels in the tarnished crown of the Labour Right, Newcastle City Council, has done this. But the other jewel, Durham County Council? What do you think? Come on, George Galloway. On the ground there, they tell me that Chester-le-Street West Central needs you. Certainly, we all need you at Chester-le-Street West Central. Everything is in place. Except you.


  1. I love this, first he loses his council seat to George Galloway, then you keep him out of the North West Durham seat in Parliament.

    1. Sadly, they would then give him a peerage. But yes, this would be great fun. Let's do it.