Thursday, 16 June 2016

Which Britain First? Whose Britain First?

This is a different country tonight. A very different country.

Any political dimension this time (which is contested, but we shall see) will be impossible to portray as foreign.

That is the key difference between this and the IRA, or the INLA, or anything Islamist. 

The 7/7 bombers had broad Yorkshire accents, but Anglo-Saxon opinion could still say that, "They're not us, and they wouldn't even want to be us."

It cannot do that this time.

We are in new and uncharted territory here.


  1. Poor woman. Bloody appalling. Either paranoid schizophrenia or leaderless resistance or both.

    1. Far Right, white terrorists are always said to have "mental health problems". No other kind ever is. And anyway, what if they do? Perhaps this man did have mental health problems, but people with them are far more commonly victims than perpetrators of violent crime.