Friday, 24 June 2016

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is Our Land

Suddenly, the London media have heard of Sunderland, although I still doubt that they could find it on a map.

Suddenly, the North East matters. Suddenly, Wales matters. And so on.

"Daily Mail readers voting like Daily Mail readers" is not news. Everyone knew that that was going to happen.

But carrying Wales, carrying all three Northern regions, and carrying both Midland regions? That is news.

Those are the places and the people that now matter politically.

All parts of each of them, which is a change of epoch-making significance.

Not the Margaret Hodges who want to remove Jeremy Corbyn because he stepped back and allowed working-class and non-metropolitan opinion to express itself.

And not those newspapers whose readers simply voted as everyone always knew that they were going to vote.

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