Friday, 17 June 2016

Balls To This

Even the old machine used to wait until after the funeral.

Now it just takes to Twitter to announce that the other parties will not be contesting the by-election (confirmed) and that the unopposed Labour candidate will be the man who narrowly lost the neighbouring seat, the old machine made flesh, Ed Balls.

Come on, Jeremy Corbyn, get a hold of this.

The other parties have already said that they are giving Labour a free run, so there is no going back.

Balls or no Balls, I am amazed at the people on my Facebook and Twitter who are saying how fitting this is.

Most by-elections are caused by death. What will they say when a Conservative dies?

But this was Mike Wood's seat until last year. He retired, and is now aged 70.

Between them, however, his old gang and the inevitable Corbyn influx ought to be able to exercise some sort of influence.

With any luck.

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