Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Light In The Shadows

From Kelvin Hopkins of the successful Labour Leave, who was the first MP to nominate Jeremy Corbyn for Leader, to the immensely erudite Barry Gardiner, the scourge of the Gulf tyrants and of our alliance with them, this is a Shadow Cabinet that is so much better than the last one.

This is the Shadow Cabinet that Corbyn ought to have appointed in the first place.

Polling tonight shows him with 59 per cent support among Labour Party members. That was the percentage with which he won the Leadership last year. He walked that. He is going to walk this, too.

Margaret Thatcher resigned after a far higher proportion of her parliamentary party had continued to express its confidence in her at the ballot box.

Iain Duncan Smith gave way to a coup played out on, by and for the rolling news channels.

But Corbyn is chanting "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough," and he means it. He will take his case to the party in the country, and he will win.

Anyone who can make it to Durham, make it to this.

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