Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Labour Case For A Leave Vote

We urge the Labour movement to come together, stand up for the rights and future of UK workers, and vote leave in the EU referendum on 23 June.

A vote to leave is a chance to stop the following regressive policies: 

• Privatisation, and the ban on renationalisation, which hands over our public services to private interests 
• The ban on state aid and renationalisation as a policy response to the further destruction of British industry and manufacturing 
• The EU’s elimination of collective bargaining agreements in the name of competitiveness
• The deregulation of employment contracts and the promotion of zero-hours contracts 
• The anti-strike and anti-trade-union policy, which is being used to drive down the cost of labour 
• Austerity, which is a foundation stone of the EU, and has led to the slow, creeping destruction of pensions, education, social housing, the NHS and every local public service, as well as strangling local government, further adding to poverty and social inequality 
• The policy referred to as “fiscal responsibility”, which aims to co-opt labour organisations into the process of applying austerity policies 
• The dangerous TTIP trade deal, which is a Trojan horse for US big business, and if enacted will lead to the destruction of our NHS.

We appeal to all left-leaning and Labour voters to rally together, stand up for our rights and vote leave on 23 June.

Kelvin Hopkins MP Labour, Luton North 
Kate Hoey MP Labour, Vauxhall 
Graham Stringer MP Labour, Blackley and Broughton 
Roger Godsiff MP Labour, Birmingham Hall Green 
Elaine Smith MSP Labour, Central Scotland 
Ronnie Draper General secretary, BFAWU 
Tosh McDonald National president, ASLEF 
Arthur Scargill Former president, NUM 
Steve Hedley Assistant general secretary, RMT 
Gawain Little National executive, NUT 
Alan Gibson National executive, NUJ 
Mandy Brown National executive, UCU 
Karen Reissmann National executive, Unison 
Paul Williams National executive, PCS 
John Sweeney Ucatt 
Len Hockey Unite 
Tam Dewar CWU 
Val Guiraud NASUWT 
Doug Nicolls Chair, Trade Unions Against the EU 
Brendan Chilton General secretary, Labour Leave

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