Sunday, 26 June 2016

In The Shadows

Let me tell you about Heidi Alexander.

Well, let me not. She was in the year ahead of me at Durham, and I knew all the political types of that era, from Jon Ashworth to Mark Clarke.

But I have absolutely no recollection of her, and nor does anyone else to whom I have spoken.

There have only ever been six Labour Prime Ministers, and at some point they have all had a Benn in the Cabinet.

Three generations of them.

Bringing them down a peg or too has been very long overdue.

Labour is tied with the Conservatives in the polls, and Labour supporters are now the centre of the British political universe.

They swung the EU referendum, so everything is now going to have to be tailored to suit them.

More than anything, that is what the Blairobites hate.

Ah, yes, the EU referendum. Whatever happened to that?

The United Kingdom has not left the European Union, nor served any notice of intent to do so.

The comings and goings of Hilary Benn are considered more interesting. Perhaps they are?


  1. To be fair, I'd say not being involved in Labour Students is generally a good thing.

    It has nothing in common with the rank and file labour movement - just a bunch of right wing wannabe MPs.

    1. Like her, evidently. That is the odd thing.