Monday, 27 June 2016

Shuffling Shadows

Every Shadow Cabinet position has been filled, and with better people.

Why was Clive Lewis not the Shadow Defence Secretary in the first place?

Why was Pat Glass not the Shadow Education Secretary in the first place?

Why was Richard Burgon not the Shadow Lord Chancellor in the first place?

The Shadow Cabinet now contains two black women, and another six black or Asian women nominated Jeremy Corbyn for Leader, so watch that space.

By contrast, Blairism's, and not least Blair's, record on such inclusion has always been woeful.

On and on the parade of nonentities resigns, down to the last paperclip monitor of whom no one had ever heard.

But Corbyn does not resign. Take the hint.

And take the hint, resigners, as you are each and all replaced. You are being, because you can be. Anyone can be.

Eventually, everyone has to be.

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