Thursday, 30 June 2016

Where Eagle Daren't

She's bottled it.

So, while there are at least two Israeli-Saudi stooge candidates for Leader of the Conservative Party, one of whom has knifed the frontrunner in order to make it onto the ballot, there is not an Israeli-Saudi stooge candidate for Leader of the Labour Party.

Or, at least, not yet.

Why is Michael Gove not simply backing Liam Fox? Obviously, he wants an Israeli-Saudi stooge candidate who has no baggage as a homosexual man married to a woman.


  1. I dont agree with Gove's liberal Left politics eg his support for liberal wars and giving iPads to prisoners etc.

    But the winner plainly has to be a Leaver. Leave has just won, anything else would be preposterous.

    1. The Sun and the Daily Mail have both declared for Theresa May. It's hers.

  2. As long as the leader is not an EU stooge, I'm happy.