Friday, 17 June 2016

Tooting Along Nicely

An 8.7 per cent swing to Labour in the Conservative target seat of Tooting.

Corbyn is doing fine, and a candidate who is not afraid to say so needs to contest (yes, contest) the Conservative target seat of Batley and Spen.

Whether that candidate will be the Labour Party candidate is now up to the Labour Party.


  1. Jeremy Who?

    He consigned himself to backstage irrelevance the day he bottled it and gave up the opportunity to fight for the only chance this country will ever get to leave the EU.

    As Peter Oborne says he's a cowardly wretch.

    That's putting it mildly.

    He left Michael Gove and co in charge of the campaign.

    1. "The campaign" that normal people desperately want to end, if they still take any interest at all in it, or if they ever did.

      507 people voted UKIP on Thursday. Five hundred and seven. 1.6 per cent.

      Gove? One of the people whom he never quite left behind has just murdered an MP. "And co," indeed.

    2. No one who has had sex since the last one cares about the referendum.

  2. It looks like the referendum campaign is not going to resume sothe referendum itself will be held after a week of no campaigning. The only thing most people will regret about that are still holding it at all and having had any weeks of campaigning before this blissful silence. Whose idea was this bloody referendum, anyway?

    1. If ever there were a case of, "It's a pity that only one of them can lose." But one of them does have to win. And remember, it's not who you vote with, it's what's you vote for.

  3. Officers are investigating the state of his mental health as it emerged that he had sought help from a therapist the night before the killing but had been told to make an appointment for the next day.

    You delusional nutcase. You're as mad as him.

    He had nothing to do with Gove, or "the people he never quite left behind".

    He was simply a headcase.

    Rather like you.

    1. The Police have said, and it is very unusual for them to do this kind of thing officially, that their main line of enquiry is his Far Right activity.

      Once those dominoes start to fall, then people with any history on the Right over the last 40 years had better be very, very, very afraid.

      The days of treating even support for the NHS as Loony Leftism, while maintaining no right flank whatever on the officially designated political mainstream, are well and truly over.

    2. The Britain First official picture of him has been found. He was no loner.

    3. Indeed. The photo is from Britain First's own website.

      The description says, "During a day of action on Saturday, activists from our fast-growing Northern brigade visited no less than 26 mosques across Dewsbury and Bradford."

      And there he is. Tommy Mair. With five others, plus whoever took the picture. At least. Some lone wolf.