Saturday, 25 June 2016

Brexit Bonus

Neither the Remain campaign nor the Leave campaign was a political party, and no vote cast in the referendum was for the campaign, as such.

But now that the idea of a Brexit Bonus of £350 million per week for the NHS has been lodged in the public mind, Labour needs to declare that to be its policy.


  1. Labour? Labour has no right to do anything.

    They backed the wrong horse and they were beaten.

    This was as much a revolt against them, as Peter Hitchens says, as against the rest of the political establishment.

    Labour consigned itself to history by joining David Cameron and backing Remain against the majority of the country.

    1. He's been predicting that realignment since before you were born.

  2. Why isn't Jeremy Corbyn forced to quit, just like Cameron, for losing the EU referendum?

    Peter Hitchens is the only one to notice that both parties lost.

    The referendum was a revolt against both of them.

    Corbyn should now clear off, like Cameron.

    1. Only one party is in government. And Cameron hasn't gone anywhere. He remains Prime Minister. For that matter, Britain remains in the EU.