Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Runners and Riders to Nowhere

Jeremy Hunt? Is it Christmas already?

Removed as Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport for being a crook who was regulating the media while on the Murdoch payroll.

Moved to Health, where he has been running down the English NHS with a view to privatising it in the interests of the American healthcare companies by which he is already employed, as was his predecessor.

Then there is Liam Fox, who used public money to employ his male lover as a Special Adviser while married to a woman.

Another of his Special Advisers was a foreign national who was denied security clearance by the Ministry of Defence.

Fox himself ended up having to resign because his relationship with Israel was downright treasonable. It is breathtaking that he has never been prosecuted.

Apart from Boris Johnson and the only serious candidate, Theresa May, even political obsessives will struggle to have heard of any of the rest, never mind to tell you anything specific about them.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has not left the European Union, nor served any notice of intent to do so, and no one this week has talked about the possibility.


  1. It has to be Boris of course.

    Both parties stand exposed today as everything Peter Hitchens has always said they were.

    Two leaderless parties squabbling like chickens over a referendum defeat for both of them.

    Hitchens is laughing at the whole debacle.

    1. Neither party is leaderless, and only one of them will have a different Leader in a year's time from the one that it has tonight.

  2. As long as it it's not Two Columns Johnson, now with one campaign co-chair from the Remain camp and the other from the Leave By Remaining camp (Gove), leaving by remaining having already been set out as his stall in the Telegraph. But it's going to be him, isn't it?