Friday, 17 June 2016

Seeing Things Right

No, this is not about "an anti-politician mood", or what have you. This is about a specific ideology.

Only now, 15 years later, has it become acceptable in polite society to mention the Saudi connection to the events of 11th September 2001.

For many years, everyone from Michael Moore to Pat Buchanan was advised to buy tinfoil when they dared to point out the blatantly obvious.

But now, everyone pretends always to have recognised it. Although do not expect that to last if Hillary Clinton became President.

Will we have to wait that long before everyone pretends always to have recognised the blatantly obvious about the murder of Jo Cox? Or will that never happen?

Yes, the Springbok Club advocates the restoration of apartheid in South Africa.

It is also part of the mainstream of UKIP and of the Conservative Right, with prominent figures in both addressing its events, as advertised and reported in S.A. Patriot.

Those of us who have made it our business have known all of this forever. As, of course, have Fleet Street and the broadcast news networks.

The takeover of the Conservative Party over the last 40 years has been the most successful example of entryism in history, certainly in Britain, and at least arguably in the world.

No one who is now leading that party can have come up without significant Far Right connections, via the crossovers from Powellite monetarism and from support for Margaret Thatcher's policy on South Africa, as well as from contact with certain dissidents in Russia and Eastern Europe.

It is common knowledge that David Cameron was an honoured guest of the apartheid regime, that Michael Gove was pretty much its point man in London, that an official contact number for Iain Duncan Smith's Leadership campaign was answered at home by Nick Griffin's father with the words "British National Party", and so on.

Into the Hague years, my university friends who were active in the Conservative Party's youth organisation used to amuse themselves and, I confess, me by showing me the catalogues that they were therefore routinely sent for cassettes of the marching music of the Waffen SS and such like.

As well as for rather more frightening pseudo-academic tomes on eugenics, on race and intelligence, on Nazi economics, on the Holocaust, and on all the rest of it.

Yesterday, all of that came home to roost. But will anyone dare to say so?


  1. The future of Britain will be a cross between Belfast in 1972 and Beirut in 1982.

  2. Yes. In the same sense that the ideology of Islam and all Muslims is responsible for Paris, Brussels, Manhattan, Colorado and Bali?

    One man with psychiatric issues (and probably drugs) has nothing to do with any ideology.

    1. This man has a great deal to do with a very specific ideology.

  3. So Islam is responsible for ISIS, Colorado, Paris, Brussels, Bali, London, Madrid and Manhattan by your logic?

    You sound like the mirror image of the EDL.

    1. Wahhabism is. And the Far Right is responsible for this.

  4. You stuck to this line throughout yesterday when people were trying to claim he never said "Britain First", he was just a lone mental case, all the rest of it. Now the police are publicly saying he was a Far Right activist and that's their main line of enquiry, the picture of him carrying a Britain First banner has turned up, even the BBC and Sky are giving his extensive political background in detail as the whole point of the story. You were right and if all lines of the British Far Right are finally followed to wherever they lead it will be the end of the Tories, Ukip, the lot of them. They are up to their necks in this.

    1. The photo is from Britain First's own website.

      The description says, "During a day of action on Saturday, activists from our fast-growing Northern brigade visited no less than 26 mosques across Dewsbury and Bradford."

      And there he is. Tommy Mair. With five others, plus whoever took the picture. At least. Some lone wolf.

  5. Brigade is a word with form ... Aren't Britain First a spin-off from Loyalism?

    It was so obvious this would happen and it's probably too late to stop it now.

    The Red Hand Commando versus Islamic Jihad, in your town, soon.

    Now you know why they fly the Israeli flag in East Belfast ...

    1. The neo-Nazi subculture is extremely pro-Israeli. That needs looking into.