Sunday, 26 June 2016

Points Based

Several other EU member-states looked on aghast, and still do, at Britain's decision to let in everyone from the new accession states.

They would never have done that, and they still wouldn't. They are certainly under no obligation to.

Although, from the new accession states to the founding Six, their citizens are not entitled to claim benefits in Britain from Day One here. Very far from it, in fact.

Liz Kendall, who was and is no Brexiteer, stood for the Labour Leadership last year on a fully worked out and workable policy of introducing the points-based system of immigration.

That, in itself, has never required withdrawal from the EU, no member-state of which allows absolute freedom of movement by citizens of other member-states, and many of which have tighter controls than Britain chose to have, and could choose not to have.

Boris Johnson probably knows that. Theresa May certainly does. Look out for a fully worked out and workable policy from her, and for something or other from him.

But do not hold your breath for either of them to issue an Article 50 notification upon becoming Prime Minister.


  1. As Peter Hitchens said months ago, we are never actually going to leave the EU.

  2. And Labour leadership candidates this year should also declare for this. Maybe Kendall again?

    1. The Tom Watson wing is one thing. But if I were Liz Kendall, then I would refuse to endorse any upper-middle-class man from the Right who decided that it was now his turn, despite having bottled it last year. She should say firmly that if the Right were going to have a candidate, then that candidate was going to be Liz Kendall.