Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Immigration Referendum?

They are not unconnected, of course. But immigration and the EU are not the same issue.

The sight of the people who have been permitted to put the case to Leave, professing to want more, or at least easier, immigration from the African, Asian and Caribbean Commonwealth, is laughable to an extent that makes it difficult to remain in full control of one's faculties.

There are people of that view on the Leave side, but they are certainly not the official Leave side, although some of them did try and become it.

The natural or contrived ineptitude and unattractiveness of the official Leavers look very likely to deliver a vote to Remain, perhaps on purpose.

At which point, what of immigration? Having been so bound up with EU membership, that issue, too, would then seem to be closed.

The only question is whether this is intentional on the part of, especially, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.


  1. Most immigration comes from outside the EU, but you are right, the issue will be closed in the event of a Remain vote because the Leave side have mixed it up with the EU.

  2. The immigration focus is working wonders.

    UKIP told them to do this from the start.

    It's identified as the major issue in every poll.

    1. When they lose, then that will be the end of the issue. As Johnson and Gove want, of course.

      I remember UKIP. If you Googled, then you would probably find someone who was still claiming to be it.

  3. The polls aren't saying that, unlike the last referendum when all we had was loonies like Foot and Benn.

    Gove has revealed how the ECJ has prevented the deportation of 6,000 EU criminals during his time as Justice Secretary,

    The Leave campaign is resurgent since the Right began taking UKIP's advice.

    They are the only anti-EU party ever to win a European election after all.

    1. And they are not allowed anywhere near the official Leave campaign. After Farage's ITV performance, I am not surprised.