Sunday, 5 June 2016

Putting The Con Into Concession

But expect some kind of "Vow" within the next few days.

Promising what? Well, where are the potential swing voters?

Most people who are broadly or strongly on the Right have made up their minds one way or the other. As have a certain number of people who are broadly or strongly on the Left.

But a considerable proportion of the latter, and especially of the Soft Left, spaciously defined, remains very much up for grabs.

They are deeply unhappy, both with the EU itself, and with the prospect of voting for Boris Johnson or Michael Gove.

It is to those that the coming apparent concessions will be addressed. I hope that no one falls for them, but I expect that an awful lot of voters will.

The answer, then, needs to be the demand that, since those things were obviously not already being effected by and in the European Union, they be instead the least of the measures to be enacted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom in the event of withdrawal.

In order to make that case, the likes of Johnson and Gove, who have today managed to be torn to shreds even by John Major, need to be got entirely out of the way.

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