Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Wrong Pathway

This is what happens when you flog off the NHS to your mates and paymasters in the companies whose racket Obama is finally busting in their own country. People become refuse, to be disposed of.

Although The Orange Book, the basis of the May 2010 coup, is behind this, the Lib Dems have in their time provided one of this country's greatest ever pro-life MPs, right there in Liverpool.

In fact, there have been many, many staunchly pro-life MPs from that area. But most of them have come from a different party. It is not peculiarly a Scouse thing. John Smith was totally pro-life. Gordon Brown was and is very eloquently opposed to assisted suicide.

The present Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, is a practising Catholic who declined to back up Yvette Cooper's condemnation of Jeremy Hunt's expression of support for lowering the time limit on abortion to 12 weeks. Cooper's support came instead from David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Save lives. Save life. Save, or restore, the National Health Service. You know what you have to do.

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