Monday, 5 November 2012

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Most Catholics had no idea, and would have disapproved in the strongest possible terms. They, of course, paid the price, just as they did for the Spanish Armada even though the Navy that defeated it was commanded by a Catholic, Lord Howard of Effingham, as loyal to his Queen Elizabeth as I am to mine. Philip of Spain had expected to be supported by a Catholic uprising in England, but there never was one, as anyone who had known anything about the English Catholics could have told him that there was never going to be.

Today of all days, let us consider that 80 per cent of the laws to which we are subject are made by a supranational body which meets in secret and publishes no Official Report. A foreign power maintains a huge military presence here, accountable to nobody. We have no intelligence capability apart from that power's largesse, and we are about to spend an eye-wateringly obscene amount of money on yet more nuclear weapons wholly dependent on it.

Several of our MPs are openly, and probably the majority is more-or-less covertly, signed up to the cause of European military integration under overall American command. Those MPs openly so signed up, at least, are under the day-to-day direction, as to the conduct of their parliamentary duties, of a cabal of cranks and crooks an ocean away. The old Members for Moscow had to await telegrams, and even the old Members for Pretoria had to use the landline telephone. But such is progress, for those in both of exactly those same treasonable traditions, now doing their dirty work on behalf of people who are no longer in government in their own country.

Behind them, however, is the eye-poppingly racist party of the Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, which is very much in government. For having been caught running a parallel foreign policy in that interest, Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Defence was recently required to resign. But there have been no prosecutions. There have been no deportations. One fake charity has been closed down, but several more are still operating, with considerable, and always hugely deferential, media exposure. Scores, probably hundreds, of MPs from the Prime Minister's own party remain in point of fact members of that other, foreign party, using the time-honoured Tory label for little or nothing more than electioneering purposes.

The national newspaper executive who deprived me of a platform for pointing out the existence of this treasonable network, and who then collaborated with its notionally Labour or Labour-inclined figures in a demented and deranged campaign of abuse and defamation against me, has not so much as been removed from his position, never mind punished in any way more severe than that. (He has, it is true, been removed from another position for making a predatory sexual interest in boys the condition of the employment of a now-deceased columnist. That newspaper itself no longer attempts to deny this. His home address is in Who's Who if anyone feels like taking it up with him.) That same network, of which he is manifestly part, is also funding and directing the English Defence League, so that its utterances and its actions should be attributed to them and to him.

Meanwhile, a fully armed terrorist organisation is in government in Northern Ireland while still proclaiming its own Army Council to be the sovereign body throughout Ireland. A party whose activist base is ferociously opposed to the Union is the only party of government in Scotland. We have the (often desperately ignorant) African-American takeover of our black politics, which is of overwhelmingly Afro-Caribbean or African origin, and barely, if at all, related to African-American culture. If the things being colonised from Harlem and Chicago were being run from the Caribbean or from Africa, as they sometimes have been and are, then that would be bad enough. This, however, is not merely outrageous, although it is certainly that. It is also downright bizarre.

All political parties in certain Midland, Yorkshire and North-Western towns and cities run as, by no means always predictable, proxies for rival factions in Pakistan. So much so, that the rally designed to name Asif Ali Zardari's son as sole Chairman of the Pakistan People's Party was held in Birmingham, with a large rival demonstration outside; Glasgow is heading the same way, as both Labour's selection of a candidate for its safe seat of Glasgow Central, and the scramble for the Conservatives' list seat at Holyrood, made abundantly clear. The Pakistan People's Party: "Islam is our Faith, Socialism [by which they do not mean Keynes, Beveridge and a bit of pragmatic public ownership] is our Economy, and the man who ran our London office right up until Benazir Bhutto died is now a rising star among Conservative MPs."

We now have an entire London Borough in which political life is being directed from Bangladesh, even if one does have to laugh at the implicit suggestion that the East End was somehow a model of probity before the Bengalis shipped up. We now have thriving scenes loyal to each of Hindutva and Khalistan, both of which were significant at the Ealing Southall by-election.

And so on, and on, and on.

Bring on the bonfires.

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  1. James from Durham6 November 2012 at 13:41

    As for Fawkes' ridiculous plot, there is considerable suspicion that the whole thing may have been orchestrated by anti-catholics with a view to enabling more persecution. And I am not a catholic.