Thursday, 1 November 2012

"Dissident Republicans"

If they were really any such thing, then they would be dead by now. The PIRA only grew because the OIRA let it, and then the OIRA only survived (which it did) because the PIRA eventually let it.

The failure of the "dissidents", not only to win, but even to contest the West Belfast by-election proved conclusively that Irish Republicanism no longer existed as a serious political force in Northern Ireland, rather than as an annual outlet for the mixture of adolescent levels of testosterone with alcohol and other intoxicants.

The former MP's election in County Louth is only because his party in the South long ago gave up anything more than the merest pretence of attachment to that cause.

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  1. An incident today, that was far too close to and a half miles more or less and visible if I take a walk just 150 metres.
    And close to home in the sense that Mrs FitzjamesHorse left for work today at around the same time going on to the motorway at the same junction that the killers car drove off.
    Mercifully she was unaware of it all until she got to work.
    I wont take issue with your anaysis is not a correct one....because....wel becaus its just oo raw.