Thursday 1 December 2022

World AIDS Day

Certain people might consider applying some journalistic or scientific objectivity to the question of where in Africa the condom use relentlessly promoted by Western non-governmental organisations and compliant governments has ever arrested, never mind reversed, the rate of HIV infection. There is nowhere.

However, such a reversal is under way in Uganda, where the government's message is the same as the Catholic Church's: "Change Your Behaviour." Huge numbers of condoms were distributed in Botswana, and the result was for the then President Festus Mogae to declare, "Abstain or die." 

Who, exactly, is incapable of fidelity within a monogamous marriage and abstinence outside such a marriage? Women? Black people? Poor people? Developing-world people? Or just poor black women in the developing world?


  1. That last paragraph is a gem.

    1. No one can ever answer it. It is like when I ask them which people are the ones too many in the world, and why.