Saturday 3 December 2022

"Oh, I Knew We'd Get There In The End"?

Ngozi Fulani was wrong to go mic'd up in search of a story, and Lady Susan Hussey was wrong to give her that story by rudely persisting in asking a question that had already been answered.

They both have form. But people who are saying that Fulani is a notorious race-hustler, although they are not wrong, cannot honestly claim that anyone of any living generation does not know the true meaning of, "Where are you really from?"

Yet Lady Hussey, as she also is, turns out to be an habitual user of that one. Fulani would already have heard that, among other anecdotes about characters on whom she might have been likely to have chanced at such an event. This whole affair is thoroughly unedifying.


  1. Maybe Fulani thought she was talking to Camilla, but all old white women look the same to her?

    1. A blindness defence to match the Hussey circle's deafness defence.