Friday 23 December 2022

Impact On The Functioning

If Kemi Badenoch had intended to do anything at all about the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, then she would have had a specific statement of intent ready for issue immediately upon that Bill's predictable approval. She is doing nothing about de facto gender self-identification in England, and she will do nothing about de jure gender self-identification in Scotland.

What should happen, but will not, would be a refusal of Royal Assent, which the King could not possibly grant to anything against the advice of the Prime Minister, until there had been a referendum between two options, the acceptance both of this Bill and of independence, or the rejection of this Bill and the repeal of devolution.

The legislation for that referendum would prohibit another one on Scottish independence for 30 years. Parliament cannot bind its successors, but this would make the point. If your position would not be on that ballot paper, then welcome to our world.