Friday 2 December 2022

Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?

Kanye West is clearly ill, and the treatment to which he is being subjected is cruelly reminiscent of Bedlam. But if he had wanted to profess his admiration for Hitler, then he should have donned the uniform of the Azov Battalion or the Kraken Regiment.

In order to keep the cash and supplies flowing from countries where people were eating dog food if they could afford it, the Ukrainian Government is now making up death tolls that are obviously wildly exaggerated. The botched false flag bombing of Poland had already frayed NATO's patience, and it is notable that even the most respectable of media outlets are now mentioning that the Zelensky regime is not exactly the angelic host.

The Moscow Patriarchate is about to join all independent media, all trade unions, and most Opposition parties, in being banned in Ukraine. The breakaway body backed by Constantinople is the intended and probable beneficiary, and the Archbishop of Canterbury's decision to line up with that is one for connoisseurs of the Church of England's endlessly subtle party system.

Meanwhile, the Holy Father has probably worked out that that this nationalistic foray into state-sponsored autocephaly will be as anti-Catholic as the Henrician Schism was, especially considering which sections of Orthodoxy were most enthusiastic about it, but it was unfortunate of him to blame Chechens and Buryats for the "cruellest" atrocities on the Russian side in Ukraine.

Nevertheless, he did thus draw attention to the existence of jihadists on both sides, since Zelensky has brought in IS fighters from Syria via NATO Turkey, and they have already bombed the Kerch Bridge under British direction. And the Pope has taken on the fiction that Buddhism is pacifist. An examination of the relevant texts shows that violence in general and war in particular are fundamental to Buddhism. A rare balanced treatment of Buddhism and violence was broadcast in August 2013. The subject is also addressed in great detail here. The form of Buddhism practised by the Buryats is that of the Dalai Lama. Think on.


  1. It's amazing the ground you can cover in, what, 300 words?