Tuesday 20 December 2022

30p Too Much

Until 2018, when he was 49 and Jeremy Corbyn had been Labour Leader for three years, Lee Anderson was a Labour Councillor whose day job was as the office manager for a Labour MP. He held that position, in a marginal seat, through the 2017 General Election.

Yet look at him now, because of a dispute with local Labour activists over the use of boulders to block a Traveller encampment. Across the political spectrum, no one should take him remotely seriously.


  1. Anderson seems to think he backed the wrong horse, Corbynism is still setting the agenda and not only as a bogeyman, Anderson's mini Trump act is a joke.

    1. Being in the Labour Party used to be the way to get on in his neck of the woods, and now it isn't. He is not an inexperienced politician, so there really is no excuse for his caricature of a Tory populist.

      Corbyn is both the name to boo, and the policy trove to be plundered. At least, that is true of the Government. The Labour frontbench only gets the first part, and its poll lead is disappearing accordingly.