Tuesday 20 December 2022

On A Cellular Level

As women are banned from going to university in Afghanistan, remember that Prince Harry was deployed there. It is no wonder that we lost. Like his namesake and cousin Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss, Harry has aspirations, or at least his wife has them for him. But he is not as clever as Heinrich. Or as well-dressed.

The Reichsbürger want to replace the present order, but Harry and Meghan do not wish to overthrow woke capitalism. On the contrary, they personify it. No one would be surprised if, like Birgit Malsack-Winkemann, Meghan were consulting astrological charts in order to direct this whole project, but the similarity ends there.

Still, the continued social, cultural and, when they happened to fancy it, political prominence of German-speaking Europe's long-deposed Royal Houses does serve as a warning to those who thought that a British republic might make these people go away. If I thought that, then I might be more sympathetic towards it. But it is demonstrably not the case. Very far from it, in fact.


  1. She's trying to do something you could do in Suits but not in real life.

    1. You could do it in what passes for real life in Hollywood. But not here.