Monday 26 December 2022

Hunt Balls

I can only salute the 838 people who read my blog yesterday. And I do have to admire posh people. It is hardly as if they deny themselves on Christmas Day, yet they are still up for the Boxing Day hunt. It is no wonder that we have never had a revolution.

Neither Tony Blair nor Hilary Armstrong voted for the hunting ban in the end. They used it to buy support for the Iraq War. Blair bet the then Prince Charles a tenner that 10 years after the ban, hunting would be continuing unimpeded. In due season, that debt was honoured. It is a pity that they never had a bet on whether or not the weapons of mass destruction were ever going to turn up. As G.K. Chesterton said, "Wherever there is animal worship, there is human sacrifice."

Yet almost as far on again, here in the hunting areas, an entire generation would be forgiven for having no idea that any ban had ever been enacted. If there are "loopholes" in that legislation, then they were put there on purpose so that the itch could still be scratched as and when necessary. The Conservatives have a similar approach. They could repeal the hunting ban if they wanted to, but then how would they rally the troops when the need arose?


  1. Would you fight for repeal?

    1. I would have to see the precise legislation. Much as I have always disliked the ban, I am also not keen on repealing legislation simply because those paid to enforce it had refused to do so.