Monday, 2 August 2021

A Callous Attack

As we are kicked out of Afghanistan, where is Tony Blair? We are about due one of his "rare interventions". Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn should say something? That would shake him out of his shyness.

The big target has always been Iran. While deploring numerous actions of the Iranian Government, we must oppose any military action against that country. Any such action would be an unmitigated disaster. All world leaders should rule it out unreservedly, and the Iranian Government should release Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe completely, immediately and unconditionally.

Once the cheerleading for this war had begun to grow louder, then expect Blair to emerge from his purdah. If he wanted to make himself useful, then he ought to fly unannounced to Tehran, smartphone in hand, and tweet only as his plane was landing that he would not be leaving without Zaghari-Ratcliffe. If Keir Starmer were a real Leader of the Opposition and potential Prime Minister, then he would do that. But of course, neither of them will.


  1. You said you'd stage that mission to Tehran if you were elected.