Thursday 26 August 2021

Who Only Stand And Wait?

There will have to be a tiny number of very highly specialised experts in, for example, cyberwarfare. But when a country that is practically impervious to invasion has also given up liberal interventionism, then Tom Tugendhat is the face and voice of its Army.

Briefly an Intelligence Officer, he got far more done in Afghanistan as a civilian. Yet he is literally able to pull rank among the khaki festishists of the Conservative Party, the Labour Right, and their media. But when has he ever worn khaki, or any other undress uniform?

Tugendhat has no more been in battle than I have, and I have probably been closer to it several time this year than he has been in his entire life. Yet he is hailed as a war hero, as if really being one would in itself have made him an authority on policy. Get used to this kind of thing.