Friday 20 August 2021

Object, Abject

Iran has long had more women than men at university. Female education is normal in the Islamic world. But it had nothing directly to do with why we invaded Afghanistan. Yet it rapidly became our official reason for staying there. Officially, therefore, that war has been an object, and abject, lesson.

This has been the only ever attempt to impose such education and emancipation by force of arms; if you will, it has been feminism's first, and so far only, war. After twenty years, it has ended with the Taliban back in power, their worthless assurances rightly disbelieved by absolutely everyone.

If the Cretan Cretin were to resign or be sacked, then who would replace him? Tobias Ellwood was on the Today programme calling for a Cabinet reshuffle, and of course he is right, but he cannot possibly expect to be a beneficiary of it.

Still, at least everyone now acknowledges, and even pretends always to have thought, what some of us have been saying forever about the nonexistent "Special Relationship".

The one-sided extradition arrangements with the United States must be repealed. Prince Andrew must go nowhere until Anne Sacoolas had stood trial here. The Chagossians must have justice. And Julian Assange must be released immediately and unconditionally.